"I lost 9 pounds by the end of my enutrition 4 week program! I loved how easy the plan was to follow and how much I learned from it! I loved all the yummy ideas about what to eat. My family also loved all the new meals. They ate along with me. I learned a lot about food measurements and what a proper serving looks like. Devrie was always available whenever I had a question about what to buy or exchange. She also gave me some great recipes that my family loved!"
R.Y., Sugarhouse, UT
"I feel lighter, more energetic and proud of myself for following the Four Week Focus. It was also wonderful to see how many fruits and vegetables I should be consuming each day. I enjoyed cooking with tofu for the first time and look forward to adding it to more meals. I am excited to move forward with a personalized meal plan and further my weight loss."
J.Z.,  Smithtown , NY
"I had issues with lactose intolerance. Through an elimination diet and eating more clean, whole foods I learned that I can  tolerate more than I thought. I tried new foods and really bumped up my fruit and veggie consumption. I am grateful for what I have learned and for the way that I feel!"
P.N., Las Vegas, NV
"My son had trouble gaining weight for football. I purchase a personalized plan for him and he really took it seriously. I think it was good for him to hear it from someone other than me, you are what you eat. If you eat well you will play better."
D.T., Holladay, UT