eNutrition Counseling (done via email/phone):
Food record analysis
- Specific goal setting
- Personalized meal plan (food group exchanges & one day example)
- Shopping list
- Check-in, twice
$35 initial, $110 4 weeks, $200 8 weeks*

In-Person Nutrition Counseling:
- Includes all of the above plus, weigh-in & body measurements
$40 initial, $150 4 weeks, $300 8 weeks*

Exchange Meal Plan (emailed)
- One idea for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with the ability to exchange out foods
- Great if you would like to personalize it yourself

One Week Meal Plan (emailed):
Personal 7 day meal plan (3 meals for each B/L/D, 2-3 snacks)
- Shopping list

Group Nutrition Counseling (4 person minimum):
Calorie specific, generalized meal plan
- Weigh-in
- 15 minute nutrition lesson
$10 per person per week (4 week min.)

Grocery Store Tour (at the grocery store of your choice):
- Learn how to shop healthy and quickly
- Learn what to avoid, what you must have, and why
$20 per person (10% discount on groups)

Public Speaking 
As a Corporate Wellness Consultant I travel throughout Utah presenting on various nutrition and health-related topics. Provide me with a specific topic and I will create a presentation that works for your event.
$125 for 1 hour presentation (includes preperation time)

*The Weight Rebate: 
Get $50 back on any 8 week program if you meet your
Four Week Focus
$18.00 introductory price
This plan is designed to get you on the right track to eating more healthfully or to help you lose those last 10 pounds. It is low carb. The plan encompasses Meatless Monday, an eat-out meal on the weekend, and a semi-free day. When you purchase this plan you get:

- 4 weeks of meals (4 meals per day)
- Detailed instructions and simple recipes to follow
- Shopping lists for each week

*This plan is designed for women and is not individualized. This plan should only be followed for four weeks. It is suggested that the buyer purchases an individual plan to maintain a healthy weight that meets their needs following this program.
**Click right to purchase. Then, email devpettit@gmail.com. You will receive the plan via email in 24 hours.
 goal established in goal setting.